Travel with Barbara

Follow my footsteps on every continent. Each journey is a mix of familiar and fantastic. I marvel at the connections I found to my grandfather when I visited Cobh, Ireland. Read about my solo stay in Barcelona, Spain shortly after a terrorist attack in Madrid. For me this echo of September 11 gave me a chance to observe another nation honor its loss by celebrating its heritage. In Parma, Italy good taste may begin on the tongue, but it extends to the eye as I visited Correggio’s church frescoes. Move onto Bologna and Ravenna for art that delights. Venture with me to Haiti where beauty and generosity cannot silence even in the face of abject poverty.

Not ready to climb on plane or train? I believe excitement waits in every neighborhood. I’ve proven that by finding the best in Connecticut for Yankee magazine. As an avid art lover and former museum docent, I point to The Philip Johnson Glass House, my state’s Modernist masterpiece. Look at the exceptional art, geology and literary highlights I’ve found throughout New England.

Click on my Bio for a complete list of past adventures or go to my Hang Out with Barbara blog for current and upcoming trips. Enjoy photos from Antarctica, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Oceania, and South America. Peer at snapshots taken across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

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