Soul Search with Barbara

Every day, whether I’m at home in Connecticut roaming art museums or on the road exploring, I’m in self-discovery mode. In addition to learning about art, culture and children’s literature, my travel quests include life education, broadening my vision of our planet and its people.

Travel is a great teacher. Lessons are profoundly evident when I offer my hands and heart as a volunteer. Since 2001, regular trips to Haiti have led me to an orphanage for children affected by HIV, a country church to assist with development and a feeding program for neighborhood children. I recall the peace I found staying with Jane Wynne, a conservation educator. Following Haiti’s January 2010 earthquake, I worked with art therapists in tent camps. Each visit is a rich opportunity to learn from others.

I appreciate the soul-felt rewards I’ve found working with NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) in Mexico and Kenya.

If you’ve done volunteer work and would like to share your experience please e-mail me at